Coffee shop course

We would always recommend that if you are thinking of buying or setting up your own coffee shop or tea room that you do as much research yourself by reading around the subject.  As you can see from this website there is a lot of free information out there so please use it.  However, before you do take the plunge it is worth considering doing a specific course on how to set up a coffee shop or tea room.  Why?

The level of information you get from a course will be much greater than the level of free information

A coffee shop set up course allows you to ask those specific and pertinent questions to your particular set up scenario

The cost of any course can be offset against your future tax bill of the business which makes the cost very good value

Courses are group activities.  The benefits that come from sharing thoughts and ideas with others in a similar situation can not be overstated.

Taking a course is a measure of your commitment to the coffee shop project – if you can’t invest £200 and 1 day in attending one course – should you be really contemplating spending £30,000 + and at least 2-3 years of your life on a business venture without exploring every aspect of the coffee shop and tea room business environment.

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