Barista training

Barista skills will be critical to your coffee shop business.  If you and the people working in your coffee shop do not understand and are not able to produce consistently good coffee customers will not come back to your coffee shop.

It is important to get quality coffee but unless the barista has the passion and knowledge for exceptional coffee then it will all be to no avail.

What is a barista?

A barista is a professionally trained peson who serves coffee made using a commercial expresso machine.  Barista is actually an Italian word which is not surprising given the Italians long association with coffee culture.  Being a good Barista can take years to perfect and to become a good barista needs an expert understanding of the coffee beans, the grinding of the coffee bean and the extraction process together with how the expresso coffee is then combined with other products such as milk creating coffee based drinks such as the cappucino, latter, flat white, lungi, macchiato, etc.

For the ambitious barista there is even the World Barista Championships held at venues all around the world and owned and organised by the Speciality Coffee Association of America (SCAA) and the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE).  The most recent World Barista Championship was held in Seoul in South Korea and won by a Barista from the UK Dale Harris.

Where to go for barista training?

Coffee & Tea Station offers expert barista training for you and your business through our expert  barista training partners.  Some of the things included in these barista training courses are:

  • The history of coffee – The history of coffee culture associated with it and why it’s on the rise.
  • Know your espresso machine – There are literally hundreds of coffee making machines on the the market.  Picking the right expresso machine or coffee making machine from group heads to steam arms is critical to your coffee shop business so understanding what you need is important.
  • Where coffee comes from – From the bean to the roastery and in to your store.
  • Understanding coffee – what influence the flavour of coffee looking at the types of coffee beans such as Arabica or Robusta.  How growing conditions and single-origin coffee beans have such a bearing on the flavour of your coffee.
  • The importance of the grinder – Setting your grinder is an important aspect governing the type of extraction you will get from your ground coffee beans.  Understanding the effect of the grinder and the coarseness of your ground coffee beans and the effect on your coffee flavour.
  • Express espresso – How to grind, dose, tamp and extract and produce a perfect shot of coffee.
  • Technical tools – Why the tools of the trade are important when making the perfect coffee.
  • The art of milk – Perfectly heated and foamed milk is vital to coffee, learn about the hows and whys.
  • Specialities – Learn about speciality coffees out there from a macchiato to a frappe latte.  Then develop the skills to create them consistently.
  • Cleaning – Vital advice for the trainee barista on how to keep your expresso coffee machine equipment clean and in pristine working order.

Some of the recommended Barista training schools across the UK:

200 Degrees of Coffee Barista School

Are one the new breed of artisan coffee shops roasting their own coffee and also running barista training in 4 locations across the UK: Nottingham, Birmingham, Leeds, Cardiff  There courses start with Basic Barista Training to Intermediate Barista and Latte Art.

Artisan Coffee School

The Artisan Coffee School is based in West London and runs a whole range of barista training courses and even their own diploma.  They run everything from short courses of a couple of hours for coffee enthusiasts to 2-3 day Professional courses aimed at those working in or entering into the coffee shop industry.

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