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How to start your own coffee shop

Many of us have a dream of starting our own coffee shop whether it’s just a small scale artisan coffee shop or building a chain of artisan coffee houses.  The UK has a long standing history and love affair with the beautiful roasted bean and the aromatic, complex and delicious drink that is coffee.  Have a look look at our free advice on setting up a coffee shop but most of all enjoy your coffee and your coffee shop journey where ever it takes you.

Guide to artisan coffee roasters

If you are looking at setting up your own coffee shop then one key element is the source of your coffee.  There are literally hundreds of artisan coffee roasteries around the UK.  Choosing the right roast and style of coffee is another critical element to the success of your coffee shop.  For a start the artisan coffee roaster needs to start with quality coffee beans.  These coffee beans if you are not going for a single origin coffee will then need to be blended ins such a way that the mixture of coffee beans work together to create a pleasing taste.  The coffee then needs to be expertly roasted to enhance the flavour of the coffee beans.  It is in fact the coffee roasting process that produces the characteristic flavours of artisan coffee.  In some countries such as Vietnam the coffee beans are coated with oil and a small amount of sugar to give them an additional caramelized flavour.  One of the latest brands of artisan coffee roaster is Smith Street Coffee Roasters.

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